Romeroot uses Premium Quality Material in every single unit. In our opinion, you can only produce high-quality shoes by utilizing and fully understanding high-quality materials. Leather comes in an almost unending variety of types, at Romeroot we use the finest available, usually Pakistani Calf. Regardless of the type of leather, all skins must meet our high expectations during the production process. Below is a list of leather groups that cover the majority of our shoes & boots found in our collection today.

Best oxford leather shoes in pakistan


Our Antique Calf shoes are made from an exclusive selection of small Pakistani calf skins, with exceptionally fine grain. This leather is aniline dyed to bring out the full character of the leather, and each pair is hand polished in our factory. The perfect leather for an elegant dress shoe.

Grain Leather

Our embossed grain leather shoes and boots are made from European calf skins with a special tannage, which keeps them supple but strong.This print is particularly suitable for boots and bluchers.


Suede Leather

Our Main Collection Chuka and Chelsea suede range is strong and durable and has a good substance. Due to its special tannage, this leather is water and stain-repellent under normal conditions, which helps to retain its nap and colors.


A wax calf leather with special treatment on the surface to give it a highly polished finish. Popular in the fashion industry, this leather works equally well with leather soles for dress shoes and chunky rubber soles for more casual wear.