The step in the right direction

With the growth of the rubber sole, today, our collection of fine footwear covers an almost unending array of scenarios. From the fine, traditional Leather Sole channeled for Hand Grade finesse to the oversized Cleared Rubber sole, there is a sole for almost every occasion.

New technologies continue to become available, enabling us to further develop our shoes boots & Chapple ,our customer’s everyday needs with comfort, durability, reparability, and style at its core .

The Danite Rubber Sole

Aside from considerations of fashion, soles just like shoes themselves have the primary task of protecting feet from unpleasant or even injurious environmental effects. Natural rubber soles are great walking shoes as they are very flexible, shock-absorbent, and offer grip on slippery surfaces. Rubber soles have great water-resisting properties.

As the preference of Romeroot is customer entire satisfaction, therefore chosen the best natural rubber sole for their products. The design of the sole is universally made which makes it more anti-slip and comfortable to wear. Our Romeroot branded version from the original factory is made with a high percentage of rubber to improve comfort and durability.

Available in Black & Dark Brown.

The commando Rubber Sole

The Rubber Commando sole is a durable and rugged sole used in Narozi chappals designed for outdoor activities or harsh weather conditions. Made of a thick and textured rubber, it provides excellent grip and traction on uneven or slippery surfaces. The sole’s aggressive tread pattern also helps to prevent slips and falls.

The Rubber Commando sole is a popular choice for Narozi chappals intended for trekking, hiking, or other outdoor adventures, as it can withstand tough conditions and long-term use. Choose a Narozi chappal with a Rubber Commando sole if you’re looking for a reliable and sturdy footwear option that can handle various terrains and conditions.