Informing customers on the whys and wherefores of Romeroot’s shoes & boots is a luxury that we take pride in being able to offer. When visiting a Romerootl shop, speak with a member of our sales staff and you will quickly realize that each of them is knowledgeable and passionate about their chosen field of work. high-quality shoes. If you do not want to go into that discussion unarmed, we hope to give you a head start with our Style Guide. Learn about the similarities Among your all style! We can but outline the major concerns, as the shoe industry is a rather unending topic of interest.

Our Antique Calf shoes are made from an exclusive selection of small Pakistani calf skins, with exceptionally fine grain. This leather is aniline dyed to bring out the full character of the leather, and each pair is hand polished in our factory. The perfect leather for an elegant dress shoe….

Our Woven Calf leather is a specialty, leather made by weaving strips of the best calf leather in a linear crossover, zigzag, and many other patterns. This leather requires full backing and leather lining giving a distinctive look. This leather is hand woven by specialized trained skilled workers.

Strong calf leather with special treatment on the surface to give it a highly polished finish. Popular with the fashion industry, this leather works equally well with leather soles for dress shoes and chunky rubber soles for more casual wear.

A special treatment s made on the surface of calf leather with a specialized process. It gives a unique effect of two tones while finishing shoes. It is a highly polished two-tone finish that is Popular in the fashion industry. This leather works equally well with leather soles for dress shoes and chunky rubber soles for more casual wear.

Naturally, milled grain leathers are made from the best Pakistani calf skins with a special tannage, which keeps them supple but strong. Our milled leather is known around the world and has its origins in the 1920s. This print is particularly suitable for boots and bluchers.

Our main suede range is strong and durable and has a good substance. Due to its special tannage, the selection of this leather and European chemicals and dye make it superior in the world. It is water and stain-repellent under normal conditions, which helps to retain its nap and color.

Available in a variety of colors, perfect for the summer and winter months.